About us

Who are we?

Who are we? Well we are friends united to create a service that we love to do. We deliver you happiness and try to make your journey to your favorite product interesting. We aim to be the best like we want it to be for us. We admire our competitors as they are in the same state of art and there is the curiosity to see what's beyond them and we will.
We eat, we sleep, we dream what we do, because we do it for ourselves first and then for a better world, full of happy people. We do believe happiness can be delivered.

We look forward to a better world, build by our own hands, because together we are strong, together we can succeed, together we are Alleop - the heart and soul of online shopping.
Alleop Team Unite



By delivering happiness to transform the online shopping experience.



We aim to make people happier by offering them online everything they need and want.



A click away from happiness!


Passion - heart and soul - we need it all to succeed - When you love your job so much, that is not just an ordinary job, but it had become your career. Yeah, that`s how we roll here!


Commitment - the time invested - It is all worth it at the end, because we contribute for a better world, happier people and …


Teamwork - each and every individual matter - The key driver to our success are the people from our team! Each and every one of us is crazy enough to be part of this awesome project. Not just a team, we are a community full of young, energetic, happy people, who love thier jobs and who are not scared to make the next step forward/to jump in deep waters.


Growth - constant development - This is what drives us, we grow and we grow fast. Starting in single market, we do now operate on several ones, aparat from Bulgaria, we conquer Poland, Romania and Greece as well.


Join us if you dare!